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Book Bites: Top 10 Leadership Quotes from "Hacking Leadership"

Monday, June 19, 2017
I know that one of my favorite places on the Internet is the Quotes section on Pinterest.  I'm constantly looking for inspirational words to help me get through the week.  I do the same thing when I read by highlighting lines that speak to me and jotting down notes in the corner.  Teaching is a hard job and, most of the time, these quotes motivate me to do my best in the classroom.

I just finished "Hacking Leadership" by Joe Sanfelippo and Tony Sinanis.  Like the other books in the Hacking Education series, it's a quick read and filled with poignant quotes that carry lots of meaning and application to teacher's jobs.  While this book is geared towards school leaders, it's truly applicable to anyone who plays a leadership role in schools, such as teacher leaders, coaches, and administration.

Below is a list of my favorite quotes from the book, in no particular order.

1.  A school leader's objective must be to remove barriers and help transform perceived problems into opportunities and possibilities.

2.  When we commit to a project and feel ownership of it, we feel pride in its impact.

3.  Be a school leader who takes the work seriously and pours heart and soul into the school community, but at the same time, keep your ego in check.

4.  We learn by doing, but we learn more by reflecting on what we have done.

5.  Telling a school's story shapes its culture, giving individuals a common identity as members of the school community.

6.  Children in a school should feel confident that their educators love (or at least like) and respect them.  

7.  If we are going to create spaces that are about students, we have to offer authentic opportunities for students to be invested in the process.  

8.  Moving to individualized, learner-centered professional development can be transformational.  The process wasn't more work; it was the right work.  

9. Current narratives about public education are more Charles Dickens than Pollyanna Sunshine, and the more people we can get talking about the great things happening in schools, the better off we all are.    

10.  Remember, schools should be more about the kids and less about the adults.

That last one speaks volumes to me.  How often do we make decisions based on what the adults want rather than what the students needs?  

I love reading something that gets me energized to move forward.  What have you read lately that motivated you to make a change in your practice?

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