It’s All Thanks to Google Drive

September 19, 2015 No Comments

It’s All Thanks to Google Drive

September 19, 2015 No Comments

It is insane how quickly this year is flying by.  We just completed the sixth week of school and I feel like we are just getting started.  Routines are falling into place and learning is happening!

When this school year started, my team and I were anxious about the state of our professional learning community (PLC).  Although we have worked fantastically together in the past, a new schedule and other commitments have cut our collaborative planning time together drastically. We struggled in the first couple of weeks of school finding time to meet, plan lessons, and discuss student data.  We persevered, however, and discovered something that has completely revolutionized how we plan and collaborate.  We owe all of our sanity to Google Apps.
For most of you out there in the blogging and social media world, I am sure this comes as no surprise.  You’re probably saying to yourself, “She’s just now discovering Google… Has she been living in a cave?” The answer is yes.. and no.  I have been aware of Google docs for years and have used it myself to store documents.  Until recently, however, I was completely unaware of the power it harnessed for effective collaboration.
Let me start by explaining how my fellow second grade team members and I would plan in the past.  We would come to the same room and split up the content (someone would take reading/writing, someone would take math, and someone would take science or social studies).  Then, we would pull resources and discuss ideas while one person was typing plans onto the lesson plan template we used.  It was a great way to plan, but also time consuming and limited because we needed to be there together to bounce ideas off of one another.
I threw out the idea of using Google Docs to manage our lesson plans and resources to my teammates this summer.  Their response went something like, “Yeah, sure… we’ll talk about it when school starts.”  When school started and we discovered our collaborative planning time was in danger, we knew we had to come up with a new plan to collaborate.  Google Drive has been our savior.
In Google Drive, we house a folder that is shared with each person on the team, as well as our goal clarity coach.  The folder has many different sub-folders and we are also adding or combing folders as needed.  As of right now, here is how our Drive is set up:
2015-16 Second Grade
 – Pacing Guides
 – Weekly Lesson Plans
 – ELA Resources
 – Math Resources
 – Parent Communication
 – Student Data
Not only can we share something with everyone simultaneously, each person has access to make changes or comments.  It allows use to collaborate like we used to – share data and resources, bounce ideas off of one another, complete our own part of the planning – without the restraints of time or space.  It. Is. Amazing.
Our next goal is to find ways to effectively use Google Apps within our instruction and with our second grade students.  What are some ways you utilize Google Apps for collaboration or in your classroom?  I am curious to hear!


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  • I love my job. But I miss being home with this guy during the day. That big nose and those sweet ear wispies just take melt my heart.

Crow. ❤️ #teacher #teachersofinstagram #teachersonsummerbreak #teacherpets #dog #dogsofinstagram #goldenretrievermix #dogstagram
  • I could get used to this drive every morning.  Who doesn’t love a beautiful sunrise mixed with that ever-present bourbon-in-the-making smell?

Six months ago, I had no idea I’d be where I am today.  Six months ago, I didn’t think it would get better. I didn’t know there was another side. I didn’t realize that there was better things on the way.  Not just with work, but in all parts of my life. I felt out of sorts. I doubted everything that I was doing.

I do remember telling a certain someone in early April that if all goes well, things will look completely different this time next April. We’re on track for that. 🥰

I am so grateful that I’m here. In this place. With these people. Living this life. For so long, I wondered why the door was constantly slammed in my face, without so much as an explanation. I realize NOW that every closed door was paving a clear path to THE door that I was supposed to walk through.

Just.... all up in my feelings today.  So thankful. So grateful. So blessed.
  • This team.

You know, I prayed that I’d find my place for so long. A place where my voice felt heard, where my talents felt useful and appreciated. I prayed for a place where the energy was so strong, it felt electric - where I could dream a crazy idea and with the almost same breath, see it come to life.

It’s been two weeks, which is hardly enough to judge the outcome of this big life jump I made. But I can tell you right now that THIS TEAM and the staff we support and the kids we empower are going to change the world.

This  P  L  A  C  E (and not the building or the town, but the feeling in my heart) was worth the wait.

Watch out, world. Because @foster.heights is doing the #npossible this year - and we can’t wait to share it with you. #FHhuskyproud
  • I moved into my house in late June of 2012. As I was sitting on the porch, less than a week later, this black and white baby came running through my yard and up to me, eager for some loving. 
She was tiny for her breed - nearly 20 pounds underweight and basically a bag of bones. She was so dirty.  Kids from the neighborhood said they had no idea who she belonged to - she’d been running for a while now. I took her in the backyard and she became a part of our family almost immediately. 
It took her a while to trust us. She wouldn’t let us pick her up. She bolted out the door anytime it was open. Even to this day, she hated fireworks and thunderstorms, which gave her such anxiety that she’d pant, pace, and shake.  We had no idea how old she was,  but we knew she’d seen a lot in her years. She had been terribly abused and, with us, she found a new life of love. 
And she loved so deeply. After a while, she learned that there were plenty of pets, kisses, and treats to go around. She leaned into our sides when she wanted some attention. She begged for walks and car rides. The last seven years of her life were good - so good.  She loved us all, but her Grandpa Dennis Boyd especially. She made our family of puppies complete and we couldn’t imagine life before her. 
Our sweet Hallie Grace crossed the rainbow bridge this afternoon, joining our Annabelle. I will miss her, just like I deeply miss my Belle, but I take comfort in knowing that they are together. ❤️❤️❤️
  • A couple of months ago, I posted about how I’d be moving from fifth grade down to fourth. Well, things change!

This week I accepted an offer to serve as the Backpack Leader at Foster Heights Elementary in Nelson County. I am so thrilled for this position since it allows me to work with teachers and help them level up their skills, but also allows me to stay grounded in my first love: teaching. I will still be responsible for a group of students each day and focused on deep learning with them.

It is bittersweet leaving a school and a district that I love - but when I feel the need to jump, I jump.  I can’t wait to do amazing things with some amazing people in NCS! #npossible
  • A rare day in summer when my makeup is on and my hair is down.  I am absolutely loving these lazy, summer days, but I’m also excited about all of the professional learning that will be happening over the next two weeks.

I’ll admit - it’s hard for me to take a break. But when I do, I break HARD! Learning how to balance and make process, while still taking care of myself.

Enjoy your summer, teachers! You’ve deserve it!

#teacher #teachersofinstagram #teachersonsummerbreak #teacherlife #teachersummer #professionallearning
  • It’s true. You are only as good as the people with whom you surround yourself.
  • Anyone else read two books at once? I keep switching between the two of these. They both started out slower than I wanted, but are starting to pick up.

Brave, Not Perfect is about learning to combat your inner perfectionist and focusing on being brave instead.  It’s a powerful message that more people need to hear and take to heart, myself included.

Everything All At Once is the story of Lottie, whose very famous writer aunt recently passed away, leaving her with 24 letters that includes directions for accomplishing specific tasks. It’s starting to get really good!

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  • Did you know that elephants like to give triceratopses piggy nose rides? *Not to scale.


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