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Thursday, August 9, 2012

I have been working diligently the last few weeks to get my classroom set up for my new group of kiddos!  I cannot wait to meet them! A few days ago, I sent out my "Welcome!" postcards and included a link to our classroom website so that students and parents could get a head start looking at what the year might be like. Of course, the "flavor" doesn't come until the kids do - but it's up to us teachers to get them excited about going back to school.  I hope the website does just the thing.

You can click on the graphic above to go to our class website.  I've included a welcome, class supply list, and information about me and my assistant on the website.  One thing I added at the last minute and really built up was my Classroom Expectations page.  Since this is my second year teaching and I struggled with classroom management last year, I spent a lot of the summer getting my plan together.  I though sharing it online with my students and parents might be a good idea.

I also added a classroom blog so that the students (and I...) can update with pictures and words about what we're working on and learning in the room.  It's a perfect way for parents to see what we're doing!  And I have a feeling the kids will love getting on there to show off their stuff!

Do you have a classroom website?  How do you utilize it?  Is it mainly for student use or home communication?  I'd love to see it/hear all about it!  Share!

Click here to see my class website.


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